Let's Celebrate.
Italian culture runs deep in San Francisco and our surrounding communities.  We are proud of our heritage and actively strive to honor it through regularly scheduled social and cultural events. We invite all women一Italian, Italian-American, and women of other backgrounds一to join us in celebrating Italian culture in San Francisco’s historic North Beach, and building friendship and community among women. 

Promoting & Preserving
Italian Culture  
while strengthening    
Italian Female Heritage 
through building friendships & community

Female Heritage
Our donne are multi-generational, passionate and socially active women. We are united by our enthusiasm for the Italian culture. Although preserving and promoting the Italian culture in North Beach is what bonds us, the women of Le Donne love the friendships, personal connections and lasting memories that we have created.
We are dedicated to preserving Italian culture in San Francisco. We pursue projects that connect us to the community and the history of the area, which goes hand-in-hand with supporting local businesses and other Italian organizations that are integral to the character and authenticity of San Francisco’s most beloved neighborhood: North Beach.
We are always looking for spirited women, of all ages, who want to join us in our mission of promoting and preserving Italian Culture while strengthening Italian Female Heritage through building friendships and community.
  • Adult Membership ($100) 
  • Junior Membership (20 years old and younger - $50) 

Annual membership runs January through December.

2019 Events
3/26Members Only 
Special Activity Night        
Meet the Consul General of Italy and his wife for a  reception at the Consulate. Limit: 40, members only. What are you waiting for? Become a 2019 Member!
4/6 and 4/7Members Only Event
Make homemade gnocchi with Lori Viti and enjoy it with a delicious lunch. $10 -- but it’s members only.  Limit: 8/day, members only.   What are you waiting for? Become a 2019 Member!
4/13Le Donne @ Cannoli WorkshopOur very own Cannoli Queen, Antonette, is leading a cannoli workshop! Learn about the origins of this Italian pastry that’s become a staple of Italian-American desserts - watch as our Queen makes them and sample some of the deliciousness. 1pm @North Beach Library
4/23                                       Quarterly meeting                                                                                                                                    Join us to stay up-to-date and get involved in things to come with some socializing too. 7pm @ICS                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
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Let us know if you want to know more about joining Le Donne d'Italia or have questions on an upcoming event.