About Le Donne d'Italia


Le Donne d’Italia is the only women’s organization founded and operating in North Beach today. Our nonprofit (501-c7) is devoted to promoting and preserving the Italian culture in San Francisco’s North Beach, and building friendship and community between women. We are inspired by the Italians who came before us and paved the way for Italian-American immigrants in San Francisco, and also the beauty of the Italian culture. We constantly and actively strive to honor these ideals through monthly social events, volunteerism, outreach and historical preservation projects, fundraisers, and much more. We would like to invite all women--Italian, Italian-American, and women of other backgrounds who are self-proclaimed Italophiles--to join us in our efforts.

Promote & Preserve

Following are some events Le Donne d’Italia has either supported or sponsored within the Bay Area and North Beach communities:

  • Italian Heritage Day
  • Festa Della Donna
  • SFIAC's Festa Coloniale Italiana
  • SFIAC's Statuto Race
  • Italian Heritage Night with the San Francisco Giants
  • Italian Heritage Night with the Golden State Warriors
  • Women's Night at North Beach Restaurants

To see pictures of recent events, check out what we have been up to and the video below!


Current Initiatives

One of the primary goals of Le Donne d’Italia is to promote and preserve Italian Culture in North Beach. With this as our inspiration, we pursue projects that connect us to the community and the history of the area, which goes hand-in-hand with supporting the local businesses that are so integral to the character and authenticity of San Francisco’s most beloved neighborhood: North Beach.

We are now in the midst of our biggest project yet, the North Beach Historical Preservation Project. We have identified five businesses within a three-block radius of Washington Square that are of historical or architectural significance to the Italian community. We are working with local historians and performing research to create window posters that commemorate either the building location and/or business. The poster locations will span a wide range of years that speak to North Beach citizens both young and old. Our five current posters are just the beginning, and we have plans to expand this project into as many local businesses as possible, with the ultimate goal of creating a historical walking tour for our neighbors, schools, tourists, and anyone interested in learning more about North Beach’s unique enclave of Italian heritage and culture.

To submit a business for consideration or get involved, contact Jennifer Consalvi.