Italian Women

San Francisco

Are you a woman of Italian descent? Or are you a woman that loves the Italian culture?

Le Donne d'Italia welcomes all women in the San Francisco Bay Area to join us in promoting & preserving Italian Culture while strengthening Italian Female Heritage through building friendships and community.


For everyone that loves the Italian culture,
three membership types to include everyone.

1. Italian Members
2. Honorary Italian Members (non-Italian
     women who love the Italian culture)
3. Junior members (under the age of 21)

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Upcoming Events

July 17 — Social Event
July 20 — Member Meeting
August 16 — Member Meeting
August 20 — Festa Coloniale
September 15 — Italian Night at the Giants! September 20 — Member Meeting

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If you would like more information, or if you are interested in getting involved in the first steps of this exciting club, please contact us today!

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